ESB 1200 Power Recycler: Your energy saving solution!

Reduce Energy Costs

The ESB 1200 fine tunes the electrical system from the inductive equipment (motors) back through the utility company's meter. This fine tuning reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility and therefore saves on electricity consumption.

The ESB 1200 stores the reactive power motors use and releases it as needed so that they function more efficiently. It recycles and supplies power to all inductive loads (motors), using the electricity for which you have already paid. This process is called energy optimization. The only differences you will notice are lower electric bills, and an increased life expectancy of motors and appliances.

ESB 1200

How the ESB 1200 Works

The ESB 1200 saves on electricity consumption by reducing the amount of power drawn from the electrical utility for inductive equipment loads (motors, solenoids, and relays) which use magnetic fields to operate. The ESB 1200 stores reactive power in its capacitors and releases this power as needed for motors to function more efficiently. Since energy is stored by the ESB 1200 and used when needed, energy use is optimized and less is wasted. The same amount of work is done by your motors, but less electrical energy is wasted. You save money because you decrease the amount of wasted energy for which you would otherwise pay.

ESB 1200 Key Points

  • Cost is reduced and performance is improved for inductive motor devices such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioning units, freezers, dishwashers, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners, and furnace blower motors.
  • Heat-generated strain placed on electrical components is reduced which increases their life expectancy.
  • By saving money with the ESB 1200, you also help save the environment by decreasing energy usage.

ESB 1200 Installation

ESB 1200 systems are easily installed within approximately 30 minutes by a qualified electrician. We can recommend an electrician if needed. Each system comes complete with installation instructions.


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